This integration allows you to import products from Wellevate into your Cerbo supplement database, as well as view past and create new Wellevate recommendations for patients directly from their charts in the EMR.

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To get started, log into Cerbo and go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Wellevate and click the link here to setup your integration: 

The "Click here to active the integration" link will open a separate small window and prompt you to login to Wellevate's system - follow the instructions from here and once completed, the above menu should refresh and show that you are successfully integrated!

Importing Wellevate Products into your Cerbo Database

To import products from Wellevate, go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Wellevate and click on the import link that you see here:

This will open in a new window, with options to import by brand or category. This tool checks for any products that have already been imported (items that are formally mapped to their corresponding Wellevate identifier) and it will prevent you from importing duplicates:

Once you complete the import, these supplements will display under Admin > Manage > Alternate Plan Options with the blue Wellevate icon next to them (to the right of the name):

They will similarly display in supplement searches and patient charts with this Wellevate icon.

Patient Recommendations

Add or Sync Cerbo Patient with Wellevate:

If you haven't yet used the Wellevate integration for a patient chart in Cerbo, you will be prompted to add or match the patient in their system before proceeding with other actions (such as viewing previous recommendations or creating new recommendations - see the below sections for more information):

In the above example, the system found a match for John Doe already existed in Wellevate and so it presents the option to match to that existing account. You can also go ahead and create a new patient if needed.

View Previous Recommendations:

To view a patient's recommendation history in Wellevate, open the patient's supplements tab and click on the Wellevate button here:

Create New Recommendations

To create a new recommendation in Wellevate for a patient, check the boxes of the supplements you would like to recommend from the patient's supplements block (you will need to add them here first, if you haven't already) and then select Manage Checked > Recommend in Wellevate:

As you can see in the above photo, "Castor Oil Organic" has the Wellevate icon next to it (meaning it's already matched to it's corresponding Wellevate product) but "Vitamin K2" does not (meaning it has NOT been mapped to a Wellevate product yet). You will see the option to match a Cerbo supplement to a Wellevate product for any items that have not been mapped yet on the recommendation screen that appears:

If you leave any supplements unmatched, they will be left off your recommendation. 

Make any product matches that you need, add all dosing instructions and messages to your patient, and then click SEND!

You should see a confirmation message letting you know that it has been sent (if you see this, it means that it is now in Wellevate' system and their system should also send an email notification to the patient, with instructions for viewing and purchasing your recommended products). 

As an extra confirmation that Wellevate received the recommendation, you can follow the instructions in the above "View Previous Recommendations" section and you should see this latest submission there.