Practices with a substantial retail component often run into scenarios where they need to check out a customer who isn't necessarily a patient. If your practice takes walk-in customers for product sales or you operate an online store where non-registered patients can purchase products, and you want to record these transactions in Cerbo, there are a couple of ways to record them depending on your preferences.

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  1. If the same customers are making lots of purchases over time, you can create a Prospective Patient chart. You may also want to tag the patients with a specific tag so that you can differentiate this group when running reports.
  2. If most transactions are one-off, you can just have a single "Affiliate Customer" chart and add all transactions to that chart. You can add notes to the charges if you want to retain identifying information. If you have a reasonably high volume of transactions, you might want to create a new dummy chart each year so one chart doesn't get too cluttered.

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Article first published by Jared Gonzalez 09/09/2021