Cerbo provides a feature to maintain a waitlist for patients who are looking to see a provider at your practice, or hoping to get an earlier date if available. If all appointment time slots are taken for the foreseeable future, you would add interested patients to the waitlist, and convert the waitlisted appointment to a scheduled appointment if and when possible. The rest of the article details how to use this functionality.

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To open the waitlist window, navigate to Scheduling >> Waitlist as shown in the image on the left. This will bring up the "Scheduling Waitlist" window as shown above. In the example above, there were no patients added to the waitlist in the past, so the list is empty. 

Add a Patient to the Waitlist

To add a patient to the waitlist, click on the plus icon highlighted by a red circle in the image above. This will bring up the option to "Add New Waitlist Entry" as shown in the image to the left. 

Here, you can specify the 

1. Type: appointment type the patient is interested in (if applicable/optional), 

2. Priority: the priority level for scheduling the patient (optional), 

3. Entry is for/Assign Patient: the name of the patient (required), 

4. Preferred Date: the date that the patient would ideally like to be scheduled on (if applicable),

5. Remove From Waitlist On: if applicable, an arbitrary date beyond which you'd like the system to drop the patient from the waitlist. You may want to do this when, for instance, a patient has a scheduled appointment but wants to come in earlier if there's a cancellation, etc. So in that case, you'd want the system to drop the patient from the waitlist after the date on which they have the existing appointment. If you do not include a date here, the patient will remain on the waitlist indefinitely.

6. Wants to See: if applicable, select the provider(s) that the patient would like to see. If yours is a multi-provider practice, you can also select "ALL" if the patient has no preference.

7. Notes: any notes you want to add for yourself or employees looking at the list in the future. This is optional.

In summary, to add a patient to the waitlist, the only required information is the patient's name. Once you're done adding the relevant information, click on the "ADD TO WAITLIST" button. 

Schedule Waitlisted Patient

If there's a cancellation or an appointment slot becomes available, and you wish to schedule someone from the waitlist, navigate back to Scheduling >> Waitlist. This time, assuming there are patients on the waitlist, the "Scheduling Waitlist" window will look similar to the example shown above. 

To search for a patient use the search bar at the top to look for a specific patient in your list. 

To sort the list of patients by any of the categories corresponding to the column titles, click on the title. 

To schedule the patient, and consequently take them out of the waitlist, click on the green plus icon highlighted by the red rectangle in the image above. That will bring up the "Schedule New Event in Calendar" window you would encounter when scheduling patients on your calendar. By default, this will list the date requested by the patient when being put on the waitlist. Similarly this window will also have the appointment type they had requested. You can change any of these fields as needed. 

To edit the waitlist request, click on pencil icon to the right of the green plus sign. You would use this if you need to, for instance, add/edit notes, desired appointment date, desired provider, or the desired appointment type. 

To remove a patient from the waitlist manually, click on the red "X" to the right of the pencil icon shown inside the red rectangle in the image above. 

In the patient's chart an orange notification will also appear above the scheduling tab to notify you that the patient is currently on the waitlist. You can click on the orange notification to view their request. 

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