This article outlines the steps to take to close out a provider's account in Cerbo when they stop working in your clinic.

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When an employee is going to stop working in the clinic, you will want to take the following steps to close out their user account in Cerbo. Note that some of these steps would be taken BEFORE the user leaves.

If the user is a provider, they will need to do the following before leaving:

  1. Disable eRx Refills - If the provider is a medication prescriber, have them disable eRx refills in Cerbo before they leave. That is done by hovering over their initials in the top menu, and clicking on eRx Registration. Then UNCHECKING the Refills service level, and saving their changes. After that is completed, pharmacies will NOT be able to send eRx refills to that provider at your clinic, and would instead fall back on faxing.
  2. Sign Encounter Notes - Prior to leaving, the provider should sign all of their open/ unsigned encounter notes.

The provider or another clinic user should re-assign the departing provider's tasks and appointments. While no data disappears from Cerbo when a user is deleted, any tasks or appointments that are assigned to that user would appear only in the applicable patients' charts once they are deleted. So you will want to re-assign those to another user before deleting the provider's user account.

  1. Re-Assign Open Tasks - In that provider's task lists, re-assign their tasks to other users as needed. To view all Follow Up tasks (not only those that are currently due), go to the Follow Up Tasks tab, and select the option at the top right to "View Pending Tasks".
  2. Re-Assign Upcoming Appointments - In that provider's calendar, re-assign their upcoming appointments to another provider as needed.

Optionally, you may also want to:

  • Post a Notice on the Patient Portal to inform patients about the provider's departure. 
  • Send all patients, or only patients assigned to that provider, an email about their departure. This can be done via your integrated Active Campaign account, if applicable, or by using the Advanced Patient Search to generate an email list to send them an email blast via your preferred mass-email sending program.

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