This article describes how you can restore documents that were deleted from:

  • The incoming fax queue or
  • A patient's chart

The practice administrator in your clinic (or any user with superadmin permissions) can restore these deleted documents from Admin > Practice Documents > Trash.

Note: to retrieve something that the patient submitted via the Patient Portal, which was not yet saved to their chart, you would instead follow the instructions here: Un-Archiving Patient Portal Requests

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Restoring a document that was deleted from a patient's chart must be done by the office/ practice administrator in your clinic (or by any user with Superadmin permissions). If you don't have the requisite permissions, you would check with your practice admin for assistance.

To restore a deleted document to a patient's chart, go to Admin > Practice Documents in the top level menu. Toggle to the "Trash" tab:

You'll see a list of non-patient deleted documents (usually faxes that were deleted without being assigned to a patient chart) but there's also a dropdown at the top that lets you switch to "Deleted Pt Documents":

Select this option and then sort it by Recently Deleted First (or whatever sort helps you locate the file fastest).

Scroll through the list of deleted documents or use your browser's Find function (Ctrl+f or Cmd+f on your keyboard) to search by specific terms in the document title. When you find the document you want to restore just click on the title of the document. It will ask you to confirm that you'd like to restore it. As soon as you confirm, the document will disappear from the deleted documents list and you'll be able to find it in its original location on the patient's chart.