If you would like to have unregistered / new / prospective patients be able to request a "discovery call"  type of appointment on your website (i.e. not in the Patient Portal), this is something we can set up for you.

To request the embedded scheduler, email support@cer.bo, and we will provide you with a URL and code snippet  that your web developer can embed in an iframe on your site.

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Patient scheduling workflow:

Steps 1-3: Patient selects desired provider, appointment type and date

Step 4: Patient selects desired time based on your defined work schedule and current availability.

Step 5: Patient will provide basic contact details. Possible changes to this form are very limited. 

Step 6: Once submitted, the patient will be see this message. The text here can be modified, or we can navigate to a page on your website instead.

Automated confirmation emails will only be sent if the patient is formally added to the EMR. If the patient chart is not created prior to scheduling the appointment, a confirmation will need to be manually sent using and external email client.

EMR/Clinic Workflow:

Appointment requests will appear in your patient portal queue as displayed below

To handle the request there are two possible workflows

Create new patient chart in the EMR (recommended)

  1. From the Patient Portal Queue, click Add As Patient. To easily differentiate newly added patients who schedule through your website from established/active patients, we recommend adding these patients as prospective using the status dropdown.
  2. Return to the schedule page and add the appointment as you would if the patient requested through the portal.

Note: This method will allow the prospective patient to receive confirmation/reminder emails and texts.

Add appointment without creating a patient chart

Schedule the appointment through Patient Portal Queue by selecting Add Appointment . All provided patient information will be included in the appointment note. The appointment will be scheduled without a patient formally associated. 

Note: This method WILL NOT send an automated confirmation or reminder email/text to the patient. If a confirmation email is desired, you will need to send it through your own email client

Troubleshooting/Alternative Workflows

Error stating online scheduling is not available

This scheduling tool cannot display appointment availability until work schedules have been defined in the EHR. Instructions for managing work schedules can be found here - Defining Work Schedules

Alternative Workflows for New Patient Scheduling

Portal Self-Registration - Every Cerbo account comes equipped with a portal registration form. This form collects all patient contact information, demographics, basic medical history, etc. Once completed, the patient will be added to the EHR and they will gain access to the portal. If you opt to use the registration form rather than the scheduling widget, patient onboarding workflow would be as follows:

  1. Patient submits registration form (PORTALURL.md-hq.com/registration).
  2. You are notified via the PPQ and and a new chart is created in the EHR.
  3. Patient verifies email address and has access to the portal to schedule and begin completing necessary forms and consents. 

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