If you are generating EDI files for submission to a clearinghouse or have connected Cerbo to one of our partner insurance billing platforms, it may sometimes be necessary to assign a "referring provider" to a patient so that this information can be attached to claims.

1. Ensure that the provider is defined

In order to do this, the first step is to make sure that the referring provider is defined under Admin > Manage > Specialists/Other Listings. Use the button in the top right to create an new entry and ensure that it includes the provider's first name, last name, and NPI:

This only needs to be done once for a given provider.

2. Assign the provider to the patient's "Preferred Providers" list

Pop out the patient's Facility/Specialists block and find the referring provider from your specialist directory:

3. Assign the linked provider as a referred

Right click the provider's name from the Facilities/Specialists block and select "Set as Referring Physician"

That's it! All claims generated for that patient will include a reference to the selected Referring Physician.