This article goes over the process of cancelling a client's billing account in Chargeover.  This should only be done after the client cancellation process has been finalized in dubs.


There are two circumstances that will cause a client's Chargeover account to be cancelled.

  • They request to close their build
  • We terminate them (this is almost always due to non-payment).

The first step to cancellation will differ depending on the reason their account is closing, but all other cancellation steps in Chargeover are universal.

If they requested the cancellation we will owe them a prorated refund for however many days remain in their billing cycle as of the cancellation date. For example, if their billing cycle date is the 20th and their cancellation date is the 7th, we would prorate the refund for 12 days (we do not count the 20th because it starts the next billing cycle, so we would deduct 7 (their final day at Cerbo) from 19 (the final day of this billing cycle) leaving a total of 12 days).   You can also pull up a calendar and count the days between the cancellation date and the billing cycle date (shown below)

To calculate the amount of their refund, divide the total of their final invoice by the number of days in the month and multiply that by the number of prorated days.  ($250 invoice ÷ 31 days = $8.06/day.  $8.06 × 12 days = $96.77 refund)

Once the refund is processed, just put "prorated cancellation refund" as the reason, and send the confirmation email.

If we terminate them for non-payment try one final time to process payment.  If it is unsuccessful void any open invoices and send an email to Gina (our accountant) to let her know they need to be written off as bad debt and have been voided.  Include the name of the clinic, the invoice numbers, and invoice totals in the body of the email.  Please also attach PDF's of the invoices.  This email should be sent to the following:

The steps below pertain to all cancellations in Chargeover, regardless of the reason.

1. You will need to cancel all subscriptions.

  • Open the subscription
  • Click the 3 dots in the menu
  • Select 'Cancel Subscription'
  • A new window will pop up asking for the reason. Choose the applicable reason from the drop down options, and click the "Cancel This Subscription" button

2. Update the clinic's name

  •  Go to the clinic's CO dashboard and click "Edit" on the menu bar
  •  Add "INACTIVE" in front of the clinic name.
  •  Save the edit.

3. Disable their account 

  • Click the 3 dots on the right side of the menu bar

    NOTE: If you have not closed out all invoices & subscriptions you'll get this error message

  • Select "Make Inactive"  (DO NOT DELETE - This makes it so that they will not show up in any searches, and we basically lose access to their history)

  • A confirmation window will pop up where you will need to click "Make Inactive" another time