This article goes over the process of creating quotes for labs that are requesting a brand new integration with Cerbo.  (If you need a quote for an add-on interface for a lab we are already integrated with see this article.)  It also goes over the workflow for sending this info to the lab.

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When the integration is first requested, you'll need to send the lab some questions so that we can scope their integration needs.  Everything you need to ask is included in the canned response "New Lab - integration questions".  After you send the scoping questions you can mark the ticket as 'resolved'.

When we get their answers you will need to create a quote and send it over with some payment info

1. Create the quote

       When the lab responds with their answers, you will need to send them a quote as well as info about our billing policies.  Quote templates are attached to this article, please name the document title "Bi/Unidirectional quote for LAB NAME".  You will need to edit all parts of the quote that are highlighted, but the rest of the document can remain as-is.  Please send it as a PDF.

Fees are based on answers to these questions.  If the question number is highlighted, that means it will alter the quote, and the changes are color coded in the fee breakdown.  If it is not highlighted it has no impact on the quote.  Text in bold is informational and applies to this process.

1.  What connectivity methods do you support? Generally we prefer SFTP, but we can work with other protocols as well.

2.  Are you able to host the SFTP (or other) connection?  You will need to edit the quote to reflect either 'Cerbo' or the lab name, depending on who will be hosting.

3.  Can you embed a PDF in the HL7, or do we (Cerbo) need to generate a report of record?

4.  Will this be a results-only interface, or can we set up an orders interface as well? If you support orders, a few follow up questions:  If it is 'results only' that means it is unidirectional.  If it is results AND orders, it is bidirectional and they will also need to answer the questions below

a.  Do you provide a test compendium? If yes, please send that over.

b.  Do you provide any AOE compendium? If yes, please send that over. 

c.  Do you require that IN1 segments be mapped against a list that you maintain? If yes, please send that over.

d.  Do you have a specific test plan for validation?  If yes, please send that over.


Unidirectional - starts at $1200

  • + $400 if NO embedded PDF (question 3)

Add-on fees for unidirectional interfaces

  • $400

Bidirectional - starts at $2100  (you'll know it's bidirectional if they answer 'yes' to question 4.)

  • + $400 if NO embedded PDF (question 3)
  • + $300 if 'yes' to AOE (question 1.b)
  • + $300 if 'yes' to mapping (question 1.c)

Add-on fees for Bidirectional interfaces

  • $700 to start
  • + 100 if no embedded PDF
  • + $100 if AOE
  • + $100 if mapping


If 5+ test scenarios will be required additional costs may apply.  A quote can be provided if requested.  (Ben/Emma will determine amount)

2. Send the quote

       Once the quote has been generated you will need to send it to the lab along with the canned response "new lab quote/ billing info/ and payment terms".

When they respond, create an account for them in Quickbooks and invoice them immediately.  Follow the standard invoicing protocol for labs.

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