Apollo Health provides tools for individuals who would like more resources to combat cognitive decline or the onset of cognitive decline. Their ReCODE program is derived from the principles of the Bredesen Protocol.  For more information on Apollo Health, see their website: https://www.apollohealthco.com/

Our integration with Apollo Health allows you to specify which of your Cerbo patients are participating in the ReCODE program. These patients can then view and complete the ReCODE questionnaires directly from your Patient Portal, and syncs those questionnaire responses and relevant vital/lab result data to Apollo Health's system.


To get started, login to your EMR and go to Admin > Manage > Integrations > Apollo Health. If you don't see this option, contact Cerbo Support to have it enabled. 

Once your Apollo Health account is setup in Cerbo, a new "ReCODE" tag will be automatically created in your system. Use this tag to indicate which of your patients are participating in the ReCODE program.

Participating patients will see a new "ReCODE Program" tab in their Patient Portal:

Before any data will sync from Cerbo to Apollo Health for this patient, they will first be required to complete Apollo Health's consent to release their information found on this page:

Once the patient has submitted the above consent:

  • They will be able to view and submit the other ReCODE program questionnaires from that page
  • Their responses to these ReCODE questionnaires, as well as relevant lab results and vital readings, will automatically sync to Apollo Health's system

For further information about how the integration works, check out Apollo Health's help resource outlining the integration from their side:  https://app.apollohealthco.com/practitioner/resources/cerbo-by-md-hq-integration