A “Next Available Appointment Finder” was added to the EHR calendar page. This tool allows the user to filter by provider(s), appointment type(s), and date range to find availability. 

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In order for this tool to pull the next available appointment, you will need to make sure that there is a work schedule set. This is what tells the system what days and times are available. 

To access the tool, hover over the Scheduling tab and select Next Available Appointment from the drop-down menu:

A new widow will appear to the right of your screen for you to adjust any parameters on the next available appointment you are looking for. You can adjust your parameters based on:

  • Appointment type
  • Appointment provider
  • Start date
  • Date range

Once the parameters are set, select the "Search Availability" button and a results window will appear displaying the next available appointments: 

Click on the available appointment date you wish to choose and that will push into the calendar page where that appointment is available. Clicking on the time slot will generate the Schedule New Event in Calendar window where you proceed to add the appointment to calendar.


This feature saves time from otherwise combing through various calendar views to search for specific appointment availability. It is especially useful when there are a number of appointment types and defined work schedules. When scheduling a patient instead of going through the calendar manually, this tool will allow you to jump to the next available appointment based on Type, Provider, and Date range requested.

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

Work schedules must be defined for Next Available Appointment Tool to work. If the Patient Portal scheduling feature is disabled, it's likely your Practice is not currently using Work Schedules. In order for this tool to be of use Work Schedules must be defined for each Provider that is available for each specific appointment type. Reach out to support@cer.bo

if you would like your Patient Portal scheduling feature enabled.

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