This article focuses on how to export patient data out of the EHR, whether downloading it as a spreadsheet or as a zip file. It is possible to export a patient's chart individually as well as all charts as a package. 

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To Export Individual Patient's Chart

  • Open the patient's chart and go to My Links > Export Patient as Package

          (Note: If you do not see the option under My Links, please contact support@cer.bo so that we can enable this option)

           This will trigger a ZIP file to download. That ZIP file contains:

            1. A "Face Page" with:

              -patient's basic stats and medications list

              -patient SOAP notes

              -patient secure message communications

            2. Links to all documents

            3. Links to all uploaded photos


  • Once the file is downloaded, unzip it (right-click and unzip), and navigate to /var/www/exports/pts_******/[Patient Name and DOB]/
  • This will open their face page and at this point you can remove any file you don't want included (the download includes everything by default).

To Bulk Export All Patient Charts as a Package

1.  Using Advanced Patient Search to Extract Data 
You can extract patient data by using the Advanced Patient Search tool. Export links for your patient data can be found in the upper-right corner of the Advanced Patient Search report after it is generated. Under the Admin tab > Advanced Pt Search will bring you to a window where you can filter the data you want to export. 

Click "GENERATE THIS REPORT" at the bottom of the page.

 In the upper right hand corner you will then see the export links for your patient data.

Alternatively, you can check the box to "Export as CSV" prior to running any filter options and Generating a Report, if you want a spreadsheet containing all available patient information.


Note: If you are transitioning away from using Cerbo, as part of the patient data extraction process you will also want to download your Schedule containing appointment information. You can do this from the Calendar Report. Export your schedule by going to the Scheduling tab > Calendar Report(s). From this window set filters for particular appointment data, or create a spreadsheet report by clicking at the bottom of the window.

2.  Using "Export All Patients as Package" Link

We can enable a link to export your patient data in bulk via My Links > Export All Patients as Package. 

There are multiple formats for the data-export options on your build, if you are moving away from Cerbo we recommend downloading everything just to be thorough, even if all of them may not be needed. Having this link enabled is part of the closure process for Cerbo accounts. If you would like this option enabled as a link in your build otherwise please contact support@cer.bo. 

Please note that running these bulk downloads can take up to several hours, so it's best to do that outside of business hours if possible. 

Important: The export this route includes system-generated documents and patient questionnaires, however it does not automatically include PDF documents. If you would like PDF files to be included, please let us know. Including PDF documents will likely result in your export download running extremely slow. If you are a larger clinic, there is a risk of your device running out of memory storage. 

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