If you are finding that you have to reset your password every time you try to log in to your Patient Portal account, you may be entering the wrong information in the username/email field. Your username should be the email address on file with your provider. *To update your email address on file, contact your provider.

If you've set your browser to automatically remember your login information, you may be having this problem because the browser is remembering and automatically entering the wrong username. If you manually enter the correct username and click "Log In!", the browser should ask whether you want it to remember the new information.

*For some patients (this is very uncommon), the email address used to log into the Patient Portal will not be the same as the email address on file with the provider. If you suspect this is the case and it is causing problems, contact support@md-hq.com, being sure to include the name of your provider and a description of the problem.