Having trouble activating your Patient Portal account or setting your password? There are several reasons why account activation might fail.

Problem #1: You are not yet registered with the practice.

Before you can create a Patient Portal account, you must have registered with the clinic either in person or using the online registration form (if they have one). 

Solution: Check with the clinic to find out if they already have a patient file for you. If not, you will follow the steps that they outline for setting that up. If so, ask them to send an invitation to set up your Patient Portal.

Problem #2: Information on file with your provider does not match what you entered to verify your identity.

The system checks your email address, home postal code (for U.S. zip codes, use 5 digits, not 5 + 4), and date of birth to verify your identity and correctly link your Patient Portal account to your medical records. If the information that you enter doesn't match what your provider has on file, the activation cannot proceed.

Solution: Double-check the information you entered. If you recently moved, you might try entering your previous home postal code. If you continue to receive an error, call your provider's office to correct the information on file.

Problem #3: You registered online but did not verify your email address by following the confirmation link. 

When you register online, your Patient Portal account is created automatically and Patient Portal access is enabled when you follow the link in the confirmation email to set your password.

Solution #1: Find the confirmation email that was sent when you registered and click on the link to confirm. Don't forget to check in your spam/junk email folder! You're looking for an email with the subject "Please confirm your registration with our practice" (probably from do-not-reply@md-hq.com) Once you've confirmed by following the link, you can log on using your email address and the password that you set.

Solution #2: If you can't find the confirmation email (its been deleted or you never received it), you'll need to call your provider's office to ask that Patient Portal access be enabled.

Problem #4: Your provider's office has not yet enabled Patient Portal access for you

If you registered with the practice before it began using the Patient Portal, for example in-person at your doctor's office, a provider must manually enable Patient Portal access for your account.

Solution: Contact your provider's office to request that they enable your Patient Portal access and send you an invitation to set up your username and password.

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