A signed encounter note is owned by the signing user

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This will automatically assign all ownership for charges that were added inside the encounter note to the signer unless:

  • The note is subsequently unsigned
  • There is a configuration option in place for your build to be able to manually assign ownership of charges within an encounter note. This option is rarely enabled because it can create unnecessary confusion, but if you would like to have this option enabled, let us know.

An unsigned encounter note is "owned" by the person:

  • To whom the note is manually assigned (IF your build is configured to allow manual assignment of encounter note ownership)
  • Who last updated and saved the note, if the note has been saved, or
  • The person who created an unsaved note

For the sake of billing reports, charges inside the encounter note are attributed to/ owned by the person who owns the encounter note.

If you would like to add the option to manually designate the encounter note owner, let us know at support@cer.bo.