When a SOAP note is signed, it will automatically become owned by the signing user. This will permanently assign all charges that were added inside the SOAP note to this owner (unless the note is subsequently unsigned).

However, until the note is signed it has no “owner” and the EMR assigns co-responsibility for the note to:

  • Whoever first created the note
  • Whoever last updated the note (pressed the “Save” button)
  • The assigned owner (assuming your configuration allows for manual assignment of notes).

This means that up to three users may show that they have an “unsigned note” in the Unsigned Notes tab of their Tasks list if the note has been created by, updated by, and assigned to different people.

For the sake of billing reports, however, the EMR will assign ownership of charges to the manually assigned owner and if there is no manually assigned owner (either because you don’t have this option available or because no owner was specified) then the charges will be assigned to the person who added the note. Once the note is signed, any charges will be re-assigned to the signing user.

Note: If you don't see an option for manually assigning a SOAP note at the top right of a SOAP screen (above the assessments block) then your build does not have this option configured. Contact support@md-hq.com and request this option be turned on if you'd like to make it available.