If there's something you need to announce on the patient portal (for instance, that you're going to be on vacation or otherwise out of the office) you can set a notice on the Patient Portal by going to the Patient Portal drop down menu and selecting Portal Settings, and then checking the box at the top that says Enable Notice.

Add any information that you want to appear at the top of the Patient Portal to the Message rich text area, adding any rich text formatting as desired.

Which pages do you want this to display on? You may use the options provided to specify where the notice should appear: at the top of all Patient Portal pages, at the top of all pages except the login page, or only at the top of specific pages (that you select using checkboxes provided).

Click the green +Save Notice button to add the notice to the Portal.

The patients will then see the notice in a box outlined in red at the top of each selected page on the portal.

Disable the Patient Portal Notice

To disable the Patient Portal notice, go to Patient Portal > Patient Portal Settings and uncheck the "Enable Notice" checkbox, then click +Save Notice to save your changes.