We can generally port your fax number over from your current fax carrier over to come directly into the EMR. If your current carrier will release the number, we will need the following items to request the port:

  1. Completed Letter of Authorization, signed by the account owner (see below for more information on how to fill out the form)
  2. Copy of your most recent invoice from your current fax carrier.
Please note that your current carrier legally has up to six weeks to release your fax line.  In general, port requests are completed on a much shorter timeline, but the possibility of the request taking six weeks should be taken into consideration.

The Letter of Authorization

Please note that you the information on the form must match exactly what your carrier has on file. For the best chance of a successful port on the first try, contact your carrier directly to verify the following information, and be sure to fill out the form completely. Fax carriers' favorite pastime appears to be rejecting port requests for inexplicable reasons, and a quick call may save you the hassle of repeated, mysterious rejections/ resubmissions over a period of months.

Porting TNs - Enter the fax number that you want to port.

Requested Port Date - Enter the date you want to port to occur or ASAP (recommended). Note that it must be at least 10 days from the date the form is submitted, and the date is not guaranteed.

Existing Billing Telephone Number (BTN) with current provider - Enter your billing telephone number on file with your current fax carrier. Note: a very common reason for fax port request rejection is an incorrect BTN. Please verify this information with your current fax carrier.

Will you be porting this BTN? Select or mark "No".

Is this a Full or Partial Port? Select or mark Partial.

New BTN - Write N/A

Customer Information - Provide your information EXACTLY as it appears on your bill from your current fax provider. 

Add the printed signatory name, sign, and date at the bottom of the form. Then email or fax back to your implementation manager at MD HQ.