If you track inventory by lot number and expiration, then you can easily see your inventory waste for expired or discontinued lots directly in the Inventory Management window. For any inventory that is not tracked by lot/ expiration, you can dispense "waste" inventory to a dummy patient chart for tracking/ reporting purposes.

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Waste for expired or discontinued inventory items that are tracked by lot/ expiration can be tracked directly in the inventory management window. 

For any inventory items that you do not track via lot/ expiration, you can instead dispense those to a dummy patient chart when they expire/ are discontinued. This workflow allows you to remove them from your inventory and be able to later report on inventory waste.

  1. Create a dummy "patient" chart named "Inventory Waste" or similar. Set their birthdate to 01/01/1900 (this makes them easier to search for), and deselect the checkbox for the "patient" to have Patient Portal access.
  2. Open the patient chart and set the status to Inactive under Patient Information.

When you remove inventory due to expiration etc., dispense it at $0 to that Inventory Waste "patient".

  1. Click on the plus icon in the yellow Billing block, and then search for the inventory item by name in the charges search field on the left. 
  2. Set the charge amount to be $0. 
  3. Change the quantity to the number of items that are being thrown away
  4. Make sure the radio button below the Add Charge button is toggled to "Dispense...", and then add the charge.

Now your inventory will be decreased by the number dispensed to the dummy "patient", and you will be able to see in the dispense history that x # of that inventory item were thrown away (dispensed to "Inventory Waste") on the dispense date.

To get your inventory waste totals at the end of the year, you can use the Revenue Per Patient Report under Reporting > Financial Reports. You can filter that report by date range, and search within your browser window (Ctrl + F in Chrome on a PC) for Inventory Waste. OR you can give your Inventory Waste "patient" its own tag, and filter that report by tag. You will be looking for the Net value near the bottom of the report to see how much loss you have on those $0 dispense records.

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