In the case where you find you have two charts for the same patient, use the Patient Merge Tool to combine data from both into a single chart. 

Before accessing the tool, you must make sure that the following data matches: First Name, Last Name, DOB. Once these details match, make sure that you know both of the chart ID's. To find this ID number, open the patient's chart and look for the ID listed on the patient's photo (right before the birthdate, i.e., 16 in the below example):


Once you have both patient ID numbers ready, go to your main calendar page and select Admin > Merge Patient Charts:

It doesn't make a huge difference which ID you use as the primary and which you remove. If one of the patient charts has more up-to-date or detailed basic information (i.e., address/insurance/phone number), use this as the primary ID. The next step will give you options to select which information to keep but will default to the primary ("Patient ID 1") so this would save you some extra clicking. 

Once you enter the two ID's and click the "NEXT" button, you will be brought to the following window:

This window asks you to confirm which details should be used for the merged patient account (these are instances where it can only be one or the other - things like documents/charges/encounter notes will be saved from both charts and therefore don't appear here). There are three scenarios for each field here:

  1. Both charts have the same value
    • In this case, the options will be disabled/grayed out and the same value will be used
  2. Both charts have different values
    • In this case, the primary ID (i.e., the chart you designated to keep) will be selected to use by default but you can switch to the other option if you prefer
  3. One chart has a value and one does not
    • In this case, the chart with a value will be selected by default but you can switch to keep the field empty instead if you prefer

After reviewing these details, click the "NEXT" button at the bottom of the window. This will ask you to confirm again that you are ready to merge. Once you confirm and merge, the following will happen:

  1. The specified basic information will be updated in the primary patient chart
  2. The non-primary patient chart will be archived and will no longer appear in patient searches or reports
  3. All documents, encounter notes, charges, medications, etc will be transferred from the archived chart into the primary chart
  4. The merged patient chart will open in a new window

NOTE: You will not be able to reverse a merge once it is completed, however you can recover the deleted chart using the Archive Tool (see here for help with this). If you decide to unarchive the duplicate chart then it will be added back to your system, however it will appear as empty since all data is now associated with the primary chart.