If a secure message has not yet been read by the patient (they haven't signed in to the portal and gone to the "Secure Messages" tab) then you have the option to either resend a notification email to the patient or to delete the unread message.

Report of All Unread Secure Messages

To view a report of all currently unread portal messages (for all patients), go to Admin > Advanced Pt Search > Unread Sent Messages Report. This report will open in a new window and has options to filter-by-date as well as links to "Send Notification Email" next to each message. If you click to send a notification email, this will open in the patient's chart in a new window.

Specific Patient's Unread Secure Messages

To view a specific patient's secure message history, click on the secure message chat icon in their photo area. Then click on View Message History. If any item in the patient's Secure Messages Inbox is unread, you will see the option to resend the notification or delete the message.

Send Notification Email

If you click to send a notification, follow the instructions in the following window to send an email to the patient. You will be given the option to send to a secondary email address if the patient has one on file. If reminder notifications for this message have already been sent, the date of the most recent time will display.

The notification email that goes out reads as follows:

 Dear [patient's first name],

This is a reminder that [sender name] left you a secure message in your patient portal. Please go to [patient portal URL] to log in and view the message. You can also use the portal to respond using the secure message function. If you have any trouble please contact the office by phone or email.