As an EMR user, you are able to log into the Patient Portal from a patient's chart.  This can be useful to explore what patients see, troubleshoot problems the patient is reporting, or hand the computer to them to fill out forms or consents while they are in the office.

In a specific patient's chart, use the Pt Portal drop-down menu and select "Log into Portal as Pt".

Once selected, this will pop open a new window, which will allow you to choose whether to log out or stay logged in to the EMR when you log into the Portal as the patient.  PLEASE NOTE: if you are handing your computer or tablet to a patient to fill out forms, ALWAYS choose "Log me out of the EMR and launch".  This ensures that the EMR and all patient records are not accessible to the patient whose account you are logging in to.  This is very important to maintain the security of PHI!

Once you hit the green "Log into [Patient Name]'s portal" button, the system will log into the Patient Portal under the patient's account in a new browser tab and (if selected) log out of the EMR.  It gives you a secondary warning to make sure you do not inadvertently give the patient access to PHI (other than in their own Portal).  Once logged in to the portal, you or the patient can use the tabs for navigation and read or complete any requested items.