We offer an internal chat tool that allows users to communicate with each other directly in the EMR, with a few built-in features designed specifically for the EMR. 

If you aren't seeing this, please contact support@md-hq.com to request the feature be enabled for your practice

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The "Collapsed" Chat View:

This is what you will initially see any time you load a new page and can be accessed on the right of any main page view: 

  • The top (green) chat bubble displays how many unread messages you have
  • The bottom (blue) chat bubble displays how many unread messages you have where you were specifically mentioned
  • If you have any unread messages, this tab will also blink and bounce to get your attention
  • Click on this tab to expand the chat view

The "Expanded" Chat View:

Once you expand the chat view by clicking on the chat tab, you should see something like the following:

  • Click on the chat tab to collapse/minimize it again
  • On the left is a list of all of the conversations that you are currently a member of 
    • Any messages that you aren't a member of will NOT display here. To see those conversations, click on the "Manage Conversations" link at the top (you won't be able to edit any of the conversations you aren't a part of, however you can request to join those and someone already in the conversation will need to accept your request)
    • You can easily add/remove users from the conversation you are currently viewing by checking the boxes next to their names
    • There are buttons to quickly start a new conversation or manage all conversations
    • The green icon next to someone's username indicates that they are currently online (i.e. they are actively using the EMR)
    • The blue chat bubble next to a conversation's name (as seen above next to "Homer and Me") indicates that you have unread messages
  • On the right is the conversation you are currently viewing
    • Click on the conversation name at the top to edit the name and add/remove users (if only managing users, quicker to use the checkboxes on the left view instead)
    • Click the trash icon to delete any of your own messages in the thread
    • Type @ followed by someone's username to "mention" them (this escalates it above an "unread" message, so they know to check here)
      • This will bring up recommendations as you type (click on any of these to auto-complete the username):  

    • Type in the text field at the bottom and click the send button to send a new message (or just hit the enter key)
      • If you want to start a new line without sending a message, hit CTRL+Enter
    • Use the attach button to send objects or views to the chat
      • If you select to share your current view, it will send a link for other users to open in a new window. This is particularly useful for the calendar view (it will link them to the specific filtered view that you are on, such as which users and which day your are viewing) and billing portal view (for example, if you are doing a "search by charge" then it will include your search parameters in the link)
      • If you select to share an object, it should minimize the chat window and highlight any objects that are valid for sharing:

        Click the "Exit Object Picker" button at the top of this view to leave the object picker and return to the conversation, or select an object to automatically share it. Any object that you can share will be highlighted with a pink border (like the appointment in the above screenshot). Once you click on the object, it should look something like this in the chat:

        In this example, clicking on that "Scheduled Event" link will bring up the appointment edit window (for other users in your conversation to see/modify the appointment details).