There are often labs or lab kits which require special instructions for patients (i.e. "Remember to fast for 12 hours before your blood draw", or "Instructions on completing and returning your stool kit...", etc). You can manually assign handouts with instructions (or use Chart Parts to group lab orders and instructional handouts together).

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The easiest way to accomplish this is to associate patient instructions directly with the order-definition:

** Note: If, after setting up patient instructions, you do not see them showing on the portal, please contact support@md-hq.com and ask them to enable the "Lab Instructions on Portal" setting for your patient portal

Setting up the instructions

Under Admin > Manage > Orders/ Labs Database, find the test that that you want to set up instructions for. Click it to edit the test and write your instructions in the Description field:

You can write HTML into this field if you're comfortable with HTML syntax, but please make sure that your code is valid. Also, if you include hyperlinks (starting with http:// or https://) these links will be click-able on the portal, so you can easily post a library of handouts to your site and then the instructions will link back to those handouts.

When you're done, hit the "+Edit Order" button.

Checking your work

When you've set up your instructions on each test, just add the test to a patient's chart and then log into the portal as the patient and go to their "Labs and Documents" tab. As long as the patient has the test listed under their "Open Orders" block it will show the instructions on the portal:

If you don't see this instructional "Open Orders and Test Details" block, just contact Cerbo Support and request that "Lab Instructions on the Portal" is enabled for your build and we should be able to get that turned on for you.