Unfortunately, connection issues with video calls can be tricky to resolve, as they of involve issues with hardware settings, browser settings, and internet connectivity.

  • Remember that you can use the meeting call in number and meeting ID to connect to the audio via your phone, if you are having too much trouble connecting to the call via your computer audio and/ or video.

Try this First - Telemedicine Diagnostic Tool

The first thing to try, and most useful tool for troubleshooting telemedicine issues is the below-linked tool. Click the link to run it:

*** Telemedicine Diagnostic Tool ***

The above tool is a network test from Twilio (the underlying telemedicine network that we use), which checks your camera and audio settings, as well as your network connection. So can be very useful to identifying and resolving the issue as quickly as possible! You can also read on to review some of the more common issues that can arise, as well as suggested troubleshooting steps.

Specific Errors and their Possible Causes

I can see myself, but cannot see or hear the other person!

If each participant in the call can each only see themselves in the mini picture area, but cannot see the other person, they likely are not on the same call. This can happen where one person joins from the appointment link in their email (or calendar), but:

  • It was an outdated link.
    For example: an appointment that was subsequently cancelled/ rescheduled by the clinic.
  • Their link was the correct link, but the provider clicked on the start video call button for a different appointment, or used the Start Impromptu Meeting option instead of the button to start the pre-scheduled video call

To confirm, you can compare the 9-digit meeting ID that appears at the end of the meeting URL, which should be the same for both parties.

If the 9-digit meeting ID is the same, but you still cannot see or hear each other, the patient/ client should try to connect to the meeting using a different browser - either Chrome or Firefox, but if they were already using one of those then try the other one. 

I can join the call, but my camera doesn't start!

If you can join the call, and audio works fine but your camera doesn't start, there are several possible causes:

  1. Your camera is in use by another program, browser tab, or application. This can occur, for example, if you have another Cerbo call still open in a different browser tab. Or if you have a Zoom or RingCentral meeting that is still open on your computer. To solve this issue, you need to close the other program, browser tab, or application, or at least close its use of the camera.
  2. You may need to specifically grant permission for your browser to access your camera in your computer's main settings. This is an especially common issue for Mac users.
  3. If your computer does not have a camera built in, you will need to plug in a webcam and set that up to use the video call feature.
  4. You may need to update your video/ webcam drivers. Alternately, you may need to roll back to a previous version of your video/ webcam drivers. This can be checked/ done via your computer settings, and you may need to consult with an IT person for assistance.

I can see the video, but I can't hear anything!

  1. First check if your volume on your computer is turned up to a level that you can hear. Check to make sure that you can hear media played via the browser (you can use YouTube, Pandora, etc. to test).
  2. You may need to unmute the audio within your browser specifically for your EHR site. Look in the URL bar, and if you see a volume/ muted icon, click on it to set your browser to "Always allow sound" on this website:

For Google Chrome:


For Mozilla Firefox:

I am on a Mac or iPhone, and nothing happens when I click on Join Meeting / Nothing happens when I click the Allow button to allow browser access to my camera or microphone.

If you are using a Mac or iPhone and nothing happens when you click the Join Meeting button, the issue most likely is that you need to specifically grant the browser camera and microphone access in your Mac/ iPhone settings.

  • iPhone instructions:
    1. Launch Settings from your home screen.
    2. Tap Safari (you'll need to scroll down to find it).
    3. Tap the switch next to Camera & Microphone Access (under Privacy & Security) to turn it on/ green.
  • Mac laptop/ desktop instructions from the Apple website here.
    Note: These instructions are written for granting permissions for the Microphone. You will want to follow the same steps for the Camera as well.
  • You might also need to turn off one setting in Chrome.
    1. Go to your Chrome Settings page.
    2. In the "Search settings" bar at the top search for "hardware".
    3. Make sure that "Use hardware acceleration when available" is turned OFF.

Once this is done, you will need to completely close down and restart your browser. 

Error message: "It looks like you might have a typo on your meeting ID or that meeting has been cancelled"

This comes up most often when an impromptu meeting has not yet been started before you try to access that URL. That impromptu meeting URL does not connect to an actual meeting until the provider clicks the Start Impromptu Meeting button on their side. 

It can also happen if there is a typo in the meeting URL that is copied/ pasted - for example omitting the final character in the URL by mistake.

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