Our integrations with Propelr and Bluefin allows for processing ACH payments (directly debiting from patient's checking accounts). This is typically much more affordable than a card transaction, and unlike credit or debit cards, the payment method won't expire.

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Sign up with Propelr

Let your Propelr representative know you would like ACH processing when you sign up or contact them to get signed up. Once you know you are signed up, let us know at support@cer.bo and we will enable this on your account.

Request from Bluefin

If you plan on processing ACH the first thing you'll need to do is to contact Bluefin and ensure that your account is set up to handle ACH processing. Once you've confirmed that you are, just let us know (email us at support@cer.bo) and we'll enable this on your account.

Add to patient's Billing Info

Once set up, you'll have the option of adding a bank account as a payment method for a patient. To add a new account just click on the pencil icon in the top right of the patient's basic Information block, and then select the Billing Info tab and the click the "Add new payment method+" button in the top right:

The resulting pop-up will prompt you to add a credit card, but as long as ACH is enabled on your account you'll see a link in the bottom right to add an ACH account instead. See images below for example.

Just add the information from the patient's check, for instance, and click "Save ACH Account" to add it as an option for payment.

Taking an ACH payment

The ACH option will appear alongside credit card options as a payment method when you're checking a patient out, and you'll be able to select it as a preferred payment option for subscriptions or other scheduled payments.

Refunding ACH Payments

Once an ACH payment has settled, this payment type can no longer be refunded.  Your practice can choose to either issue the patient a check and add an adjustment to balance the patient account or add a credit to the patient account to be used for future charges.

Currently if you setup a subscription using ACH as the payment method, these will not run automatically. You will be notified on your schedule page that a payment is outstanding on the each bill date, you can then click the error to process the payment. We thank you for your patience as we build out this feature!

** Important note about ACH transactions: When Cerbo submits an ACH processing request, the "request" is approved or rejected in real time, but the actual funds-transfer does not occur for some time (up to 2 weeks in some cases). At any point in that window, the customer's bank could decide not to honor it (fraud flags, insufficient funds, etc) and because this is happening "behind the scenes" Cerbo is not able to see these post-acceptance these rejections. It's important that you check your PayConex account at least once a month to see if you've received any notification about rejected ACH transactions.