Generally when you integrate a merchant service account to process credit cards you'll just have us link up your merchant service processor and all transactions will be processed through that account. However, there are a number of scenarios where you may want to use more than one processing account:

  • Multi-location clinics where finances are managed independently
  • Clinics with multiple EINs and/or different business lines operating out of a single facility
  • Clinics where providers are independent contractors each with their own processing account

In many of these scenarios a single account may be fine, but if you want funds to be automatically deposited into different bank accounts you may want to set up "linked" merchant service accounts. At the moment we only offer this option through our Bluefin integration.

How it works

  • If you haven't already, contact Bluefin and have them set up a processing account
  • Then request that Bluefin set up one or more additional accounts and to link these "child accounts" under the primary account
  • For each account provide Bluefin a "Group Name" that we can use to reference the account. This group name should be reasonably short but make it very clear which account it is ("Medical Services", "Supplement Store", "Doctor Brown", etc)
  • Bluefin will then create each of your accounts and link them together and provide us with:
    • API credentials for the primary account (which will allow us to send transactions for all linked accounts)
    • The "Group Names" that identify each account so we can allow you to select which account will process it at the time of a transaction.
  • Once we get the accounts linked up you'll see options whenever you're taking a payment so you can designate which account to use for that payment:
  • When you're looking at your End of [Day/Week/Month] report you'll see an option for breaking down credit card payments by account

Important Notes

Two important things to keep in mind:

1. Two types of transaction will ALWAYS use the "primary" account: 

  • Automated payments (subscriptions, payment plans)
  • Patient payments made on the portal (you may want to disable the ability for patients to pay online if this would be problematic for your use-case.

2. By request, we can set the system to default to specific payment accounts based on:

  • Location (for multi-location builds)
  • Specific logged-in user