This article will tell you how to push the full text of a secure message directly from the patient's portal history into a SOAP/encounter note.  This applies to messages sent from both the patient and the clinic staff.

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If you would like the text of a secure message to be pulled into a SOAP note you just need to do the following:

  1. Create a new SOAP, or navigate to an existing, unsigned note in the patient's chart.  (NOTE: You cannot create a new SOAP note from inside the patient's portal history.)
  2. While in the tab with the open note, go to Pt Portal >> Show Pt's Portal History and click "Push to Note" (see image below for an example). You can push multiple secure messages into the same SOAP note.

    This will pull the entirety of the message into the SOAP note.

Troubleshooting/Common Issues 

The "Push to Note" option is missing

Are you accessing the portal history from the screen with the open SOAP note?

1. No

  • Close out of the portal history
  • Create a new SOAP note
  • Re-open the portal history  

2. Yes

This article was first published on June 11th, 2021.

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