If a Chrome display setting (Dark Mode or a a custom theme)  is causing display issues, please follow the instructions below to reset your browser to its default settings.



On a WIndows Device:

Please note that this process will likely clear stored passwords and installed extensions so please ensure that you remember your password before attempting this 

The screenshots below were generated from Chrome Version 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Step 1: On your Chrome window, click on the three vertical dots as shown below. Then click on Settings

Step 2: In the subsequent window, under "Advanced", click on "Reset and clean up" 

Step 3: Click on "Restore settings to their original defaults", and then click on "Reset settings". 

Step 4: Restart browser

On a Mac:

Chrome recently released Dark Mode which reflects your system preferences. While we work on accomodating Cerbo to Chrome's Dark Mode, you'll need to switch you system preferences to light mode.

Go to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Light