It is not possible to send a bulk/ mass message or email blast from Cerbo directly via email, secure message, or SMS. However, there are a few different options that you can use instead to reach your patients.

Advanced Patient Search for mass messaging outside of Cerbo

You can use the Advanced Patient Search to generate a list of email addresses (or phone numbers for SMS), which you can copy/ paste or upload into the third party mass-messaging system of your choice. 

  • After generating the list of patients that you want to mass-message using the filters in the Advanced Patient Search, you can use Output List of Emails to output a list of those patients' email addresses. Copy/ paste that or upload that into the third party mass messaging system of your choice.
  • To generate a list of phone numbers for mass SMS messaging, you can use Export Spreadsheet, and then remove the information that you do not need from that spreadsheet before uploading into the third party mass SMS messaging system of your choice.

Post a Notice on the Patient Portal

You can post a notice on the patient portal with a message that you want all patients to see when they go to that website. See Add a Notice or Away Message to the Patient Portal. You can set which patient portal pages the notice appears on, or all pages. But note that this is a passive notice - patients will not receive any notification to go to the patient portal to read it.

Integration with Active Campaign

Cerbo integrates with Active Campaign to sync information directly over to that platform. Active Campaign supports mass messaging, as well as automated messaging. See Active Campaign - About the Integration.

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