The Cerbo Client Portal is a new (as of the December 2022 update) resource for adding key information about your clinic, indicating interest in features on the future improvements wishlist, and viewing or requesting additional lab integrations. As well as accessing help and other resources. More functionality will be added in the near future!


Users with superadmin permissions can access the Client Portal from within their EHR. To do so:

  1. Hover over the question mark next to your initials.

  2. Click on Client Portal to launch

You should be redirected in a new tab to your Cerbo Client Portal! Information about the various pages in the client portal is below.

Home - View key info about your account

On the homepage, you can find your EHR and patient portal URLs, Cerbo client ID number, and (for those currently in implementation) your account manager's name. As well as links to key resources.

My Clinic Details - Provide more info about your clinic

You can use the provided checkboxes to indicate the type(s) of services that you provide. This can be helpful for Cerbo to prioritize future feature development that will benefit many similar clinics. If you would like to see more clinic types/ services/ categories listed, please reach out to us via a support ticket to let us know what else you'd like to see there. You can also:

  • Indicate if you are willing to provide a reference or referral for Cerbo. We regularly receive requests for references from current Cerbo users for those considering signing up for Cerbo. We try to avoid over-burdening our pool of Cerbo-references. If you indicate that you are available, you would not expect to be contacted for this more than 2-3 times per year at most, and could always let us know if you decide to opt back out.
  • Indicate if you are interested to beta test new features in Cerbo.
  • Opt in to a potential future intra-Cerbo directory. We may create a Cerbo directory in the future, with the clinic contact info and showing the services that the clinic has indicated it provides. This would be so that clinics could make direct connections with one another, if desired, for mutual referrals, brainstorming/ networking, etc.

Implementation Homework - Review the self set up steps involved in setting up a new Cerbo account

Clinics that are currently in the initial implementation and set up period can review the priority set up steps. Links to help sections and videos are included as well.

My Feature Wishlist - indicate your interest in specific features on the future improvements wishlist

Inspired by your good ideas and requests, we're constantly planning and developing new features for Cerbo! You can browse what's on our wishlist, as well as star any that are especially important to you.

Hover over the question mark to the left of a specific request to see more information. And click on the star at the right to indicate your clinic's specific interest in that feature. To help prioritize the features that are most important for your clinic, you may want to only star your higher priority items.

  • Wish list is a catch all category for requests that are on the list, but without any concrete development plans yet.
  • On the roadmap means that this is something we have concrete plans to develop in the near future, or are already working with a partner to solidify development plans. But it is not yet in progress.
  • In progress means that we are actively working on this feature.
  • Beta indicates that the feature is in the beta testing phase with selected clinics. If you would like to be a beta tester for features that you're interested in, please indicate accordingly under My Clinic Details.
  • Holding means that we have begun development at some point, but the process is paused. This can happen, for example, when unforeseen complexities arise, or due to issues with the potential integration partner.

You can also use the drop down menus at the top to filter the list, for example to show only those items that are starred for your clinic (to see the status of your feature requests), or to see requests in a certain category, or the newest-added wishlist requests.

If you have a feature request that you don't see listed, you might try using your browser search (Ctrl + F on a PC) to search for it using a few different search terms. And if you can't find anything quite right, you can submit a ticket with your request via the Contact Support link.

My Lab Integrations - view your lab integrations and request additional integrations

You can see the status of integrated labs - whether those are integrated already, or pending. Pending lab integrations are organized by whether they are requested by Cerbo, or would be requested by you contacting your lab rep directly. 

You can use the Add a Lab Integration button to search for and add other labs that you use. For any that we integrate with that are requested by Cerbo, adding it there will send us a ticket to submit that request to the lab. For any that you request with your rep, or any that we do not yet integrate with, adding the lab adds a note to our systems so that we can notify specific clients as new integrations are created. 

Online Help - access our searchable online help sections

Where you're reading this article!

Contact Support - submit a support ticket

This is a quick link to a module to submit a support ticket, just like you would by sending an email to us. But submitting it in a ticket ensures that key info (the build URL) is included, and has additional structured fields to indicate the type of inquiry, and a topic. This helps us to better organize our support queue, and more quickly spot/ connect common issues. Submitting a ticket is the recommended way to reach out to support because:

  • It creates a trackable paper trail, so if you need to follow up on an outstanding or old request, anyone on the Cerbo side can more easily find that and get up to speed quickly. 
  • We often answer support tickets outside of our regular business hours.

Some support ticket do's and don'ts:

  • DO NOT include any patient-identifying information except for the patient MRN/ ID number (found by their age/ DOB in the patient's chart in Cerbo).
  • DO include as much specific detail as possible about the issue, including the affected patient ID(s), DOS, etc. Even if the issue is widespread, including specific examples is often crucial for us to be able to investigate.
  • Please DO NOT submit multiple tickets on the same issue, or submit a ticket and then call. This creates confusion and duplication of work on the Cerbo side.
  • DO give us a business day to respond. We try to respond to all tickets as quickly as possible, but are not always able to respond immediately. But that does not mean your ticket is being ignored! We may just be under a heavier than usual support load.