If you see a grey or black screen cover your entire EMR view when you click on something (like one of the items in the Admin > Manage menu), the issue is generally that one of the plug ins or extensions that you have installed in your browser is competing to stay in front of a pop up window within the EMR.

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Double click on the dark screen to remove it (you will receive a pop up asking if you want to "Remove the black background (does not remove the pop up frame)?" Click OK.

To prevent this issue from occurring, you can disable the browser plugin or extension that is causing the background overlay to be positioned in front of the content you are trying to view. In Google Chrome, you can view your list of plugins and extensions, respectively, by typing the following into the URL bar at the top of your browser window:

  • chrome://plugins
  • chrome://extensions

Some plugins/extensions that are known to cause this issue:

  • Trend Micro
  • Norton Suite