Prescriptions can be sent electronically from Cerb via efax, or via the SureScripts e-prescription network. 

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In order for a medication in your database to be e-prescribable, it must be formally linked to an entry in the MedSpan database, meaning:

  • For practices that started with an older drug database (generally, any practices starting 1/2016 or before) medications that were prescribed before e-prescribing was activated on your build are not e-prescribable unless/until you run the tool to map your medication shortlist over to the new drug database. Get in touch with us at support@cer.bo for the link to that tool.
  • To eRx controlled substances, you must have a DEA number on file and complete EPCS signup.

Other reasons that you may not be able to send a medication via SureScripts:

  • You are not yet a registered e-prescriber (a user who has completed the identity proofing process and eRx registration). Currently, only prescribers may route prescriptions via eRx and they may not delegate this authority to other staff members like they can for efaxed prescriptions. The ability to delegate e-prescribing authority for all but controlled substances will be coming in the future.
  • You are trying to send to a pharmacy that is not formally linked to the eRx pharmacy database - for practices that started out with an older pharmacy database (generally any practices starting 2/2017 or before), you will not be able to send prescriptions via SureScripts to patients' pre-existing preferred pharmacies (which came from the old pharmacy list) unless/until you run the tool to map those pharmacies over to the corresponding pharmacies in the NCPDP pharmacy database. Get in touch with us at support@md-hq.com for a link to that tool.