If you came on board before we switched to a new drug database for e-prescribing (~January 2017) may have medications on your "preferred short list" (anything that you've prescribed before) from the old database. These need to be mapped over to the new drug database before they can be sent via eRx. Don't worry, you also still have access to the full new prescription drug database in the EHR - it is just that you also have these legacy medications from the old list that are not e-prescribable until they're mapped.

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Error Message: That prescription isn't eligible for ePrescribing. The prescription must have a valid MedSpan ID - drugs that were entered by hand are not eligible for this.

The tool for mapping those medications over is found at the following URL: https://PRACTICEURL.md-hq.com/admin/tools/rxs/migrate_rxs.php#match (replacing PRACTICENAME with your practice-specific identifier - which you can see in the URL/web address bar at the top of your browser when you're in the EHR).

You will need to log into the EHR to use the tool, and the tool may take a couple of minutes to load, depending on how many medications need to be mapped.

Within the tool, you would click on the pencil icon to the left of a medication to look for its corresponding entry in the new drug database. The search bar will auto-populate with the medication information from the old database, so you should see matching options from the new database pop up below the search field, and you can click on any of these to save the match:

If you just see the name of the medication in that search bar, with no matches shown below, that just means that there are no matches to the text in the search bar. You can try removing search terms or using alternate search terms. If you're having trouble, try the generic name plus the strength or dose form. And there are almost certainly going to be some items that won't map/match - any compounded medications, for example (compounded/custom medications are not in the stock e-prescribable drug database and are not yet able to be sent via eRx in our system).